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Personal Account: The Marriage of Dwayne & Megan Hunnicutt

Feb 16, 2016 10:57AM ● By Tracy McCoy

Cover artist Valerie Shelton Photography provided us with this wonderful wedding photo of Dwayne and Megan, just one of the couples she has photographed.

Megan Brown and Dwayne Hunnicutt are both natives of Rabun County. They went to the same babysitter and attended school together. In the 10th grade they had some classes together and became good friends. Throughout the rest of high school they spent time together - with other friends. After graduation Megan went to Toccoa Falls College and Dwayne went to work. In her sophomore year Dwayne called her and asked her if she’d like to hang out. He drove down and picked her up and they went to Sonic for a burger and talked for hours, catching up. The first official date was a trip to Longhorn and then home to watch a movie. The couple began dating.

Being together just seemed like a perfect fit. Dwayne and Megan had talked about marriage after dating for a while. Megan said she should have seen the proposal coming but she didn’t. For Christmas Dwayne had bought his mom a ring and wrote a letter to her to accompany his gift. The letter thanked his mother for the kind of woman she is, the upbringing she gave him and told her how much he loved her; it also said he wanted her to be the first to know he planned to ask Megan to marry him. That was December 2014 and less than a month later Dwayne and Megan went to church together and after church decided to ride around. One of their first dates had been a trip to Black Rock Lake where they sat and talked. This evening Dwayne headed in that direction. It was pretty cold so when her boyfriend stopped the truck and asked her to get out she refused saying it was too cold! He convinced her to get out and beside the lake he asked Megan to be his wife. She said yes!

The wedding planning was soon underway. The date October 17, 2015 was set and the couple decided to be married behind Dwayne’s grandparent’s house in the Persimmon community. A pasture beside the river was the perfect place for the wedding. Megan and Dwayne each have large families and they all came together to plan a precious wedding. Megan’s cousin, Lisa Welborn directed the wedding and served as the wedding planner. Lisa’s husband Greg performed the ceremony. Megan’s sister Ashley Brown Stephens was by her side all the way, as it’s always been. Her aunt Regina Bedingfield made the wedding cake and instead of a groom’s cake Dwayne opted for a table filled with all of his favorite delectable desserts from various family members.

The wedding photographer was a friend from high school and sister Ashley’s pick at her wedding, Valerie Shelton. Valerie is the owner of Valerie Shelton Photography and our cover artist this month. Dwayne’s close friend Ethan Phillips played the guitar and sang at the wedding. Megan’s sister Ashley was her Matron of Honor and Dwayne’s dad Charles Hunnicutt was his best man. The couple had three flower girls, Nora Stephens, Madison Brown and Ava Gragg. Colton Gragg was the ring bearer.

Megan’s mom Jerri Crane Canup died when Megan was a teen, Megan told me that Dwayne’s mom Anita was so helpful and of course her grandmother Peggy as well. Megan has always been her Grandpa’s (Tommy Crane) special girl. They’ve always been extremely close. He had the privilege of walking his granddaughter down the aisle that day, a task he didn’t take lightly. Megan made it clear to everyone involved in the wedding that punctuality was very important to her. Running late is a pet peeve. Everyone was on time except some of her guests. When her grandpa drove her across the field in Charles’ 1970 Ford pickup they had to sit and wait for guests to be seated. The moments with her grandpa were an unexpected gift. Looking over at him she said “Grandpa, I am nervous.” Joking he replied “We can drive away in this old truck, right now,” of course Megan said laughing “No, I am just nervous.” Looking out the window Megan saw Lisa motion for them to come on. “Ok, it’s time” Megan said and Grandpa not normally given to emotions leaned over and kissed his granddaughter on the forehead and said “Ok babe, here we go.”

The wedding was as precious as can be and the couple is too. They have built their home on Black Rock Mountain near Charles and Anita. Megan is finishing up college and will soon have earned her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Dwayne is employed in the Archery and Outdoor Center at Reeves Hardware. We wish this couple the best in life and thank them for allowing us to share their wedding story.

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