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In This Issue: March 2016

Mar 04, 2016 08:35PM ● By Ryan Frisch
We invite you to say goodbye to winter and join us as we welcome spring in the mountains. Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine the song of a Carolina Wren, feel the warmth of the morning sun on your face and breathe deep the fragrance of spring’s first bloomers. Spring in the North Georgia Mountains... is there anything more beautiful?

This is our Arts issue and we celebrate the bold and abstract, the softness of watercolors, the glory of pen to paper and the plentiful rich talent that calls this place home. We do not lack
artists, eclectic galleries and opportunities to create. If you haven’t found your talent it may be because you haven’t looked for it. Art comes in many forms and varieties. I talk to artists often who tell me at 60 they didn’t know they could paint until life slowed down and they picked up a brush. My advice? Don’t wait; make time now to try your hand at painting or pottery or basket making or sewing or sculpting or the list goes on and on. It is good for the mind and soul to create, it is in us!

Easter is almost here, a great time for families to gather to celebrate Jesus and His resurrection. Oh eggs will be hidden and candy will fill baskets, dresses will be bought but worshippers will gather at sunrise services across the world to remember that He is Risen and in Him is our hope and peace.

All of us encourage all of you to make the world a better place by showing kindness and treating others the way you’d like to be treated. Let’s make our world a better place by having been here.

Happy almost spring!


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