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In This Issue: February 17

Feb 02, 2017 04:01PM ● By Tracy McCoy

From the Publisher

L-O-V-E, that beautiful four lettered word that can make us feel emotions we've never felt both bad and good. This is the month that we celebrate it! Whether you have just fallen in love or fall in love over again each day OR have glorious memories of a love that has passed, all of these things are a huge part of why we are here. Created to show love and accept it, actually commanded to love by our Creator. Love goes beyond the one whose hand you hold and lips you kiss. It is also a part of our friendships, our families and mankind as a whole. I try to show love each day and like a kid with a triple decker ice cream cone, I lap it up! Love hugs and pecks on the cheek, really, who doesn't?

This issue speaks of love in many different ways, from the good work that FAITH does to filling bellies at The Family Table with Lorie Thompson. We'll explore with Peter McIntosh who demonstrates his love for the outdoors and exceptional photography each month in Adventure Out and Mark Holloway will tell us a bit about how to achieve longevity in our relationships. This issue will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy for sure!

We'd like to wish you Happy Valentineā€™s Day and hope that you are loved and cherished by someone special. For our single readers don't feel left out, celebrate with friends, that is good love too!

Don't despair; spring is on its way and who doesn't LOVE spring? In the meantime get out and explore this pleasant place we call home.



February 2017

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