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In This Issue: August 17

Aug 05, 2017 02:58PM ● By Tracy McCoy

Fresh and Local, Farm to Table, Field to Fork... all of these terms mean the same thing. Food grown as responsibly as possible, harvested and served fresh. This is not a new idea in the mountains, it is a tradition. My family has gardened for generations, planting big gardens to feed big families. The harvest was picked and cooked on the same day with the abundance canned or frozen to provide food for winter. This way of life is still alive and well, in fact it is rather en vogue.

This issue features this healthy way of life from everyday to special occasion. We also have our eye on Rabun County this month. Like bragging on your own family in a way as Rabun is our home, it is where we live and play. We are thankful for the beauty of our county, the heart of Rabun County and the businesses who have supported us for now 14 years! We are blessed to live here.

We hope since last month you have found a cool place to enjoy the summer. Our wish for you is always the same: that your cup is full, your days are accomplished, your health is great and you are blessed! Happy August friends!


August 17

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