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In This Issue: November 17

Nov 03, 2017 05:47PM ● By Tracy McCoy

I was raised to be patriotic. Love of country, appreciation of servicemen and women and respect for our flag. These things will always be a part of who I am and in this issue we will share these things with you. I am so thankful to live in America. I often have to look twice to see the country I knew in my youth, so much has changed. I can not pass a man or woman in uniform without stopping to thank them for serving our country and their willingness to die for my freedom. I will always stand for the flag and for the equal treatment of all people, and I believe we can do both.

This issue will include some stories of hope, faith in Christ and thanksgiving. The recipes are great, the Thanksgiving memories are precious and the courageous men in uniform that were kind enough to talk with us are outstanding. The stories in these pages are meant to lift you up and offer some goodness in a world that can get a little crazy at times. We hope you enjoy this month's issue and that you find something to share with another or that offers peace at this time of Thanksgiving.

Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving


Nov 17

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