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In this issue: August 18

Aug 02, 2018 10:24AM ● By Tracy McCoy

Pass the beans & taters, it’s summertime! Slice those tomatoes and pull a fresh green onion before supper. I watched my dad do just that and pluck a hot pepper from the plant to enjoy with his meal. Sweat just running down the side of his face as he alternated a bite of pepper with cornbread sopped in ham juice from the green beans. There is nothing better than fresh food from the garden.

You will find many great recipes in this issue and info on local and regional farmer’s markets, wineries, distilleries, breweries and restaurants who make Farm to Table a priority. We appreciate our farmers and enjoy the “fruits of their labor”. It’s canning season and soon the apples will be coming in, the baskets of tomatoes and beans have either just been “put up” or are being done now. Porches across the Southeast will have baskets of green beans, grocery sacks sitting full of bean strings and ends and bowls of freshly snapped beans. The family porch is a topic I wanted to look into a bit and so don’t miss that article this month, you might learn something you didn’t know or enjoy a sweet memory.

What a fantastic summer we are enjoying, as I write to you it’s a nice 78 degrees with the bluest sky and a slight breeze. We do hope you are finding time to explore the mountains, having fun with family and friends and eating all those fresh veggies that have been coming in. It’s August, turn the fan on, it’s gonna be warm!

Blessings to ya!


August 2018

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