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In this Issue: December 18

Jan 04, 2019 12:31AM ● By Tracy McCoy

I know I always say this, but I think Christmas is my favorite holiday, that is until Easter… It is a very special time of year. As 2018 winds down and the holiday season is in full force, it is a time to reflect and slow down. Families gather and we get to see those family members we miss all year. Food is enjoyed and ball games watched. 

Shopping is on the forefront of our minds as we work through our gift list. Santa seems to be everywhere and songs we grew up singing roll off our lips. Charlie Brown and Frosty are still being watched and the all-time favorite The Christmas Story plays over and over. We know the real story of Christmas has nothing to do with a BB gun, it has to do with the birth of Jesus and the hope that event brought to all mankind. He is the greatest gift and was given for all. The same way that you have to accept the gifts given to you this year, you must accept God’s son. He is a life changing, hope giving, loving Savior. 

Our wish for you is to know His grace and experience His love. All of us at Georgia Mountain Laurel wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!


Dec 18

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