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VentureSouth Summit 2018

Introduction to Cap Tables

Entrepreneurs face many challenges when raising capital for their companies. One crucial but sometimes overlooked detail is the impact of new funding on the company’s capital structure.

Whether funding comes as equity or debt, the savvy entrepreneur needs to understand how it will impact the ultimate outcome for all shareholders – and so needs a deep understanding of the mathematics of capitalization tables.

Likewise, early stage investors need to be fluent in the structures of cap tables to understand the impact on their potential returns from current and future rounds of funding.

The Venture Carolina Cap Table Workshop offers entrepreneurs and investors alike a practical education in understanding the details of cap tables through the lifecycle of a startup venture. The Workshop will include a combination of presentations, exercises and a case study to illustrate common cap table mathematics a startup and its investors must consider. Among the important topics to be illuminated are the impacts of: valuation, liquidation preferences, anti-dilution terms, convertible notes, and option pools & vesting.

The seminar is hosted by Venture Carolina and run by Matt Dunbar, Managing Director of VentureSouth, Board member of the Angel Capital Association, and nationally-renowned early stage company educator.

To register, visit

Date & Time

December 6, 2018

8:00AM - 12:00PM


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